SNAP/EBT, Virginia Fresh Match, & SFMNP

What is SNAP/EBT and Virginia Fresh Match?


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and EBT benefits are a win-win situation for customers and vendors! Families who qualify for EBT/SNAP can use these benefits at our Downtown South Boston Farmers Market to purchase produce and other nutritious food. It’s easy to use your card at the farmers market.

The Downtown South Boston Farmers Market is one of more than 130 locations across Virginia ensuring that fresh produce is within reach for everyone in our community. Beyond offering top-notch products, our mission extends to fostering a healthier community and supporting our local farmers.

Your EBT benefits are a great option when shopping at our market. You can purchase lots of healthy foods with your EBT card. AND you get double the benefits thanks to Virginia Fresh Match!

Approved foods that can be purchased with SNAP include meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, herbs, baked goods, and food bearing plant starts or seeds. (Hot foods, foods meant to be consumed at the market, and alcohol are not allowed purchases with SNAP benefits.)

All SNAP/EBT benefit purchases are now made with an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, which is similar to a credit or debit card linked to your SNAP benefits account. It’s easy to use your EBT card at our local Downtown South Boston farmers market so give it a try and start saving too.

Virginia Fresh Match (VFM)

Virginia Fresh Match (VFM) is a network of farmers markets, mobile markets and community food stores across Virginia. VFM locations offer nutrition incentives that double the value of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) dollars spent on fruits and vegetables. With VFM, SNAP shoppers can afford more fruits and vegetables, local farmers earn extra income, and more dollars stay in the local economy.

Stop by the Downtown South Boston Farmers Market where you can DOUBLE your dollars with VFM!

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What is SFMNP

The purposes of the Seniors Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program are to provide fresh, nutritious, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey through farmers’ markets, roadside stands and CSA programs to eligible ‘seniors’. The Downtown South Boston Farmers Market is proud to provide produce that can be purchased with your SFMNP dollars. When you buy locally, you get fresher produce and are supporting your local neighbors and friends who grow food.

You can use your SFMNP benefits beginning June through November 18th each year.

Thanks to Sentara Health for the Sentara Cares Grant which helps support events and education related to the SNAP/EBT and SFMNP program and benefits. They make it possible for us to reach more people in the community and provide them with fresh food and produce, helpful information, and education on healthy lifestyles.